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How to Use Free Grammarly Premium Account cookies in 2021

Are you looking for free Grammarly premium account cookies? If you are, you have landed on the exact place to find out the premium access for free, as we all know that Grammarly has become the best and most essential tool in our daily life. If you are writing anything for the web, then you must need to check it before placing it online. Whatever you are a native writer or not, you must have to check it for better engagement.

It helps you to create your writing more clear and error-free. People love to read grammar error-free writing, and Google also loves this for better ranking. In this content, we will try to let you know about Grammarly and possibly give you the best free Grammarly premium account cookies. So, let’s start the topic in detail.

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly Writing Support

Grammarly is an advanced grammatical error check tool that helps the writers correct all the writing issues like spelling mistakes, punctuations, word choice, passive voice misuse, incorrect phrasing, faulty tense sequence, and many more. It also has a digital tool named plagiarism checker, which helps to identify that the writing is unique or not. That means, if you copy something from the web or from someone else, then it can determine very quickly with the source content.

Grammarly was founded in the year 2009 by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn. It now has more than 10 million+ active users. Even I am one of them. Without Grammarly check, I never submit my writing anywhere. It has so many features that can help you to solve your writing issues. But for this, you need to use the free Grammarly premium account cookies to get all the features. In the free version, you can also fix some issues.

Grammarly has four types of tools 1st one; you can use the Grammarly Desktop app for your writing. The 2nd one is for Grammarly Chrome Extension, which can be added from Chrome Extention, and the 3rd one is for the Microsoft office word app, which will be attached to your Microsoft app and let you check the issues without leaving the writing tool. The last option is to use it in your browser by logging by your email and password.

What is Grammarly Premium Account?

Right now, Grammarly is the most advanced and used tool in the world for writers and students. You can use Grammarly for free, but you will not get full features of it. For accessing all of the features, you need to upgrade to Grammarly premium account plans.

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There are three types of plans on their website. 1st one is “Free,” where you will get only spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

2nd one is the Grammarly premium account, where you will get many features. Such as Fluency, readability, word choice, plagiarism detection, Inclusive language, formality level, Compelling vocabulary, Tone detection, Lively sentence variety, and many more in the premium account. It will cost a $29.95 monthly subscription. If you get the plan quarterly, then the price reduces, and the price is $19.98/month. And if you take the plan for years, then the price will be $11.66/month. You have to pay $139.95 annually.

The 3rd plan is “Business.” In this plan, you will get some extra features along with the premium features. You will get some additional features like Admin panel, Centralized billing, Priority email support, Single sign-on, Style guide, and team usage statistics. You can find the business plan pricing here.


This content is for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for the way you are using Grammarly. This content helps you to use the free Grammarly premium account. We extremely recommend you use the Grammarly premium account by buying a standard version from their official website.

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How to Use Free Grammarly Premium Account

There are some common ways to use the free Grammarly premium account. Check the below methods to use a premium account for free.

Method 1

The first method is straightforward. For this, you need to sign up for Grammarly and go for a premium account trial for 30 days, which is free of cost. You will get full access to a premium account. You can also use the below methods to use the premium version for free.

Method 2

Another method is to ask your friend who purchased the premium plan from Grammarly. You can log in to their account if they share the passcodes.

Method 3

The 3rd method is to use some codes which you can easily find online. As I know that these codes are legal, so codes can be used to access in free Grammarly premium account. And [email protected] provides these codes for the education programs, especially for students. You can sign up and get the codes, but this access will remain for a short time.

Method 4

The most useful method to use a free Grammarly premium account is by using cookies. Here we are sharing some cookies for different browsers that you can use to log in to the premium version. Follow the below step to get premium access.


This content is for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for the way you are using Grammarly. This content helps you to use the free Grammarly premium account. We extremely recommend you use the Grammarly premium account by buying a standard version from their official websit

  • Steps 1 – First, you need to download the cookies editor extension for your required browser. Download the extension from the below links for free Grammarly premium account

Download Cookies Editor for Chrome

  • Step 2 – Now, download the cookies from below links for free grammarly premium account

Cookies Updated regularly, so please bookmark this page to get your free Grammarly premium account without wasting any time

Please Do Not Logout After Login

Video Tutorial For Free Grammarly Premium Account

How to use Grammarly Premium Account Free

Final Words

There are so many advantages of using Grammarly premium. If you want to be a pro writer, you just need to use the premium features. It helps you to be smarter in writing. These free accounts may perform for a short time. If you want full access or lifetime access, you need to buy one from a Grammarly official website.

The #1 Writing Tool

I think the annual plan for $11.66/month and $139.95/year will not be a considerable amount to get the exclusive and outstanding features from them. So we suggest you use the premium account by buying it form them.


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