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How to Fix SIM not Provisioned mm#2 Error Easily | 8 Best Ways

Are you getting Problems with your brand-new SIM card working? The “SIM not provisioned mm#2” mistake message is frustrating, however straightforward to fix.

Swapping SIM cards and obtaining an error message on your phone? The “SIM not provisioned mm#2” mistake is easy enough to take care of, yet what does it indicate?

In this context, we will describe how to repair this SIM not provisioned mm#2 error and guarantee you can avoid it occurring once again in future

What Does “SIM Not Provisioned” Mean?

SIM cards consist of specific info that assists with the identification of your mobile phone account.

The SIM enables the phone to be determined as yours on the mobile network (thanks to the IMEI number). It allows you to make calls and connect to the mobile internet.

The “SIM not provisioned mm#2” mistake must impact individuals that require to sign up for a brand-new SIM card. If it takes place at any other time, it can represent trouble with the SIM card, which will certainly require changing.

 When the “SIM not provisioned mm#2” mistake shows up, you can trace it back to among the following:

  • You purchased a new phone with a brand-new SIM card.
  • You’re moving contacts to a brand-new SIM card.
  • Your mobile network supplier’s web server is inaccessible (if you’re utilizing an iPhone, the Apple web server additionally needs to be online).
  • There’s an issue with the positioning of the SIM card.

Other SIM mistake messages may take place, depending on your situation. For example, if the SIM card is secured to a certain phone, when you put it in a new device may see the “SIM not valid” message. Opening the SIM will let you use it on any compatible phone.

8 Easy Ways to Fix “SIM Not Provisioned mm#2” Errors

1. Enable Airplane Mode

sim not provisioned - Airplane mode

Place your phone in airplane mode, wait for a few secs, and turn it (airplane mode) back off. That will freshen your tool’s connection with your mobile service provider and eliminate the “SIM not provisioned mm#2” mistake.

Open your phone’s Alert Cabinet (for Android) or Control Center (for iPhone) and touch the airplane icon.

Await a few secs and also tap the same symbol to disable the plane set. Attempt the following technique if your phone still shows the mistake message.

2. Restart the Phone

It might seem not likely, however merely switching off your phone can overcome the SIM not provisioned mm#2 mistake.

Take the common steps to restart the phone and wait. A couple of minutes later, you’ll see that the mistake message no more shows up, and also your SIM card is activated.

3. Clean your SIM Card and also SIM Ports

For SIM not provisioned problems, your phone might stop working to spot and trigger your SIM card if there are international elements on the SIM tray, SIM slot/port, or SIM itself. By foreign materials, we’re discussing dirt, grime, dust, and so on. See to it your SIM card, and also SIM port is devoid of these materials.

Expel your phone’s SIM tray and clean both the SIM card and the port( s). Before you do that, we recommend turning off your phone.

Utilize a soft and completely dry fabric to clean up the gold call of your SIM card. You have to do the same for the SIM card tray and slot. Be as mild as you can, though; do not put in excessive stress while cleaning the SIM card port, so you do not damage the steel contacts.

You have to blow off loosened dust for hollow SIM card ports utilizing a canister of compressed air. And remember, Do not blow air into the port with your mouth; water vapor from your breath might damage the port. Reinsert your SIM card and make sure it’s correctly fitted on the SIM tray and put properly in the port.

4. Appropriately Place the SIM Card

sim not provisioned - Place the SIM Card

If they did not get any issue with the SIM card’s activation or the network, it could simply be an ill-fitting SIM. This may get problems with the SIM itself or a badly created SIM card port (or caddy).

To inspect if the SIM is correctly seated, turn off your phone; after that, discover the SIM card:

  • If you have an older or less costly phone, try to look for the SIM card by opening the back panel. Sometimes there may need to remove the battery to access the SIM card port.
  • With front-runner phones or those without detachable batteries, the SIM card port is normally at the side of the phone. You’ll require a tiny SIM expel device to open it. Look for a small opening alongside your phone and push the tool in to eject the SIM.

Note: Make certain to remove the SIM card and not the microSD storage space card.

Eliminating the SIM card can be tricky. You might require to use tweezers or jimmy it out from below if a removable battery is entailed. With the SIM card got rid of, offer it an impact, and possibly quick dust with a complimentary dust cloth.

Change the cleansed SIM card, taking care to position it as advised. Normally, a sticker label alongside the SIM card port or an inscribing highlighting the SIM’s proper alignment.

Replace the SIM card in your phone, as well as power up again. The “SIM not provisioned mm#2” mistake ought to no more show up. If it does, attempt the SIM on one more phone.

5. Active the SIM Card

In many cases, a SIM card will certainly be turned on automatically within 24 hours of being placed in a new phone. If this doesn’t occur, three alternatives are generally offered to make it possible for activation:

  • Call an automated number
  • Send an SMS
  • Log onto the activation web page on the carrier’s internet site

All these alternatives are quick as well as uncomplicated but rely on whether the service provider sustains them. For the most part, your SIM ought to be turned on, as well as the “SIM not provisioned #mm2” mistake solved.

6. Always install carrier Setting Updates

sim not provisioned - Carrier Settings

If there’s a provider settings update for your phone, installing it could aid fix the problem. Carrier Settings have a range of functions. When your cellular carrier introduces brand-new functions– Wi-Fi calling, for instance– they’re turned out to your tool through provider settings updates. These mobile setups hold arrangements that power fundamental tasks like phone calls, mobile information, SMS, individual hotspot, etc., on your phone.

Insect solutions that patch cellular connection problems are additionally presented to your phone using service provider settings updates. Typically, these updates are instantly installed when you place a new SIM card into your phone. Sometimes, you’ll obtain timely instruction to mount a cellular update.

On some celebrations, you’ll have to look for mobile setup updates manually. Please adhere to the listed below to get it done.

Note: For SIM not provisioned, you need to Setting up carrier setups updates call for Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Install Carrier Settings Update on apple iPhone.

Go to Setups & General & Concerning and look for a choice to upgrade service provider setups. If you don’t discover this alternative on the web page, your iPhone has the latest carrier setups.

Install Provider Setups Update on Android

Browse to Setups & Concerning phone and also lookout for an Update account switch. On some Android devices, you’ll find this option on the System updates page; most likely to Settings & System & Advanced & System update.

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7. Get in touch with Your Service Provider or Network Provider

If the SIM won’t trigger, it’s time to phone (from an additional tool!) your service provider or network. Clarify to them the mistake message and also the steps you’ve taken up until now.

As kept in mind, there might be an issue with the activation web server, which would prevent your SIM card from turning on. This would create the “SIM Not Provisioned mm#2” mistake message.

Your service provider will normally maintain you on the line while they check out the problem. If this is a problem with the activation web server, there may be some hold-up in obtaining the SIM activated. You’ll have a reason for the error issues and a possible date for resolution on the bonus side.

8. Get a New SIM Card

sim not provisioned - New Sim card

Still not satisfied? It’s time to ask for a new SIM card, perhaps even an eSIM, if your phone supports it.

You might call your network for this, but you’ll most likely find it’s quicker to head to a neighborhood phone store. Also better, a branch of your network or a franchise outlet.

They’ll have the ability to run diagnostics on the SIM card and ideally resolve the “SIM not provisioned mm#2” error. Don’t stress if they duplicate a few of the actions you’ve currently tried, as this belongs to the analysis procedure.

If it suggests you require a new SIM card, this shouldn’t be a problem. The store will certainly have the devices to manage the swap and add a new SIM with the account.

“SIM Not Provisioned mm#2” Error, Fixed or not 

Keep in mind that this mistake will only impact mobile devices that use SIM cards. If the SIM is compatible and matches the port, these solutions will work. By this point, you need to comprehend why your phone is showing the “SIM not provisioned mm#2” error message. Keep in mind; you have nine alternatives to repair this mistake: 

  • Enable Airplane Mode
  • Restart the Phone
  • Clean your SIM Card and also SIM Ports
  • Appropriately Place the SIM Card
  • Active the SIM Card
  • Always install carrier Setting Updates
  • Contact with Your Service Provider or Network Provider
  • Get a New SIM Card

Final Words

If none of these things work, after that, you’ll require to contact your carrier/network supplier to ask for a replacement card. If you have followed every step carefully then your SIM card must work without any trouble. 

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