how to activate windows 10 with cmd

How to Activate Windows 10 with CMD | The Best Method

This article offers a step-by-step guide That Will Help You activate Windows 10 By utilizing CMD. Check out here – how to activate Windows 10 with CMD, although not using any Windows 10 activation software.

If you research on the internet about the most popular operating system, then everywhere you will find that windows 10 is the best operating system for most Windows users. So people prefer to use windows’ new attributes and upgrade the operating system. Also, today all windows notebooks and HDD introduced in the marketplace with incorporating with windows 10.

People always prefer to utilize open source applications. Windows is just one of them! So that the majority of the windows customers desire to utilize the free version of windows

To run the Windows 10 operating system correctly, you just need to activate it. Because it gives you full access to use it freely. But many people don’t know how to activate windows 10 with CMD or with other programs. Well, we will know about the easiest windows 10 activation process today.

How to Activate Windows 10 with CMD or with other software.

Sometimes people use activation keys, which you can find on the web, but most of them will not work. So stop wasting any time by finding the keys.

You can also activate your windows 10 by using the Microsoft official Toolkit. To know how to activate windows 10 with Microsoft toolkit, you can read this article.

There is also software called Kmspico, which can also help you activate your windows 10 easily, but the problem is it also does not work sometimes. For that, it can be your valuable time-wasting method.

So what is the best method that actually works with a few clicks? Okay, let’s see the best and simple method about how to activate windows 10 with CMD. This method will help you to activate your windows 10 all versions.

Note: Please Disable Windows Defender Before Applying this Method

Step – 1

Download the ? Code

First, you need to download the following text file and then follow the below process.

how to activate windows 10 with cmd - 111

Step – 2

Copy the text and paste it into a notepad file and then save the file on your desktop display with Windows10.cmd, or you can provide any name, but you have to save the file using extension .cmd. After saving the file, it will see like the picture you see below.

how to activate windows 10 with cmd - 1 4

Step – 3

how to activate windows 10 with cmd - 1 6

After that, you need to click on the windows CMD file and run as administrator. Then wait some time, then you will notice on the bottom of your CMD screen that “product activated successfully”. You can also check that by visiting your’ My computer’s properties.

how to activate windows 10 with cmd - 6

Finally, you’re finished! This is the best and easiest procedure for how to activate windows 10 with cmd. Sometimes it may fail and show a message that “your version is not supported”. Don’t worry, just restart the computer and again run the cmd file as administrator. It will work 100%

Video Tutorial About How to Activate Windows 10 Without any Software

Final Words

Please let me know It’s working on your own personal computer or not, and if you feel any difficulties, let me know in the comment section, or you can also drop a message on the contact us page. I will try to reach you as soon as possible and will help you to activate your windows 10

I hope, it helped you guys. ? Do comments and share with your friends and family.

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