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Grammarly Premium Account or Free Account | What Should You Use and why?

You probably have got some idea by watching the heading of our article. Yes, you have got it, we are going to discuss Grammarly premium account and free features today. What should you use, free or the premium one? If I choose a Grammarly premium account, then what advantages will I get? Well, you may have a lot of questions in your mind right now.

So, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the deep about our topic.

The #1 Writing Tool

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is the most essential and popular tool for checking grammatical errors in the world. This great tool can help the writers to improve their writing issues like word choice, spelling mistakes, incorrect phrasing, misuse of passive voices, and punctuations. In Grammarly premium account, you can also check tone adjustments, formality level, fluency, and many more unique features that can make your writing professional and error-free. In the Grammarly premium account version, one of the best advantages is to use their plagiarism detection tool.

Grammarly has started its journey in 2009. The name of the founder of Grammarly is Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko. They have more than 10 million+ active users right now. By counting the number, you probably have got an idea about this great tool.

It has four types of tools for its users.

  • Desktop apps
  • Grammarly Chrome Extension
  • Grammarly Microsoft Office word app
  • Browser Login directly to Grammarly .com

There are two types of Grammarly accounts. 

  • Grammarly Free Account
  • Grammarly Premium Account

Let’s try to know the two types of account and their uses.

Grammarly Free Account

The #1 Writing Tool

From two types of accounts, Grammarly free account is one of them. You can use Grammarly free if you want. But there are some restrictions in the free versions. You probably know why the limitation is. Because there need lots of hard work to develop this kind of tool, so they must deserve to pay for this tool. However, they are giving us some great opportunities in the free versions’. Let’s see what you can do with the free versions.

In the free versions, you will only get limited features like spelling mistakes, minor grammar mistakes, punctuations, and Conciseness errors. These are the only features that you can get benefit from in the free version. But in your writing, there may be many problems that you can’t find it manually.

Grammarly Premium Account

Grammarly premium account is the best option for professional writers and students. It has so many features to make your writing 100% error-free. Along with the free features, you will also get the following Grammarly premium versions features-

Grammarly Premium Features

Tone AdjustmentsCompelling vocabulary
Word ChoiceConfident writing
Formality LevelPoliteness
FluencyInclusive language
Incomplete sentences suggestionsPlagiarism Checker
Clarity-focused sentence rewritesLively sentence variety

It gives you to check the content whatever it’s copied content or unique by their Grammarly plagiarism checker tool. You can easily find out what source is used to make the content. Without these Grammarly premium features, you will get more options to make your content 100% clean and accurate.

Don't get caught plagiarizing

You can make a comparison between these two packages. You will get better options to do the writing if you choose the premium account. And it doesn’t cost too much. You can buy Grammarly at a low price from its official website.

However, we will discuss the Grammarly pricing later. So we will move to the point about which one should you use, free or the premium version and why.

Why should you use Grammarly Premium Account Version?

Grammarly Writing Support

Well, I must suggest you use the premium one because it has all the cool features that can make your writing awesome. And certainly a clean, error-free and good writing can keep the reader for reading the article.

For professional writers, you can’t submit your content without proofreading. Because if you do that, then the reader will face problems to read and you will lose your audiences day by day

And for the students, it’s an essential tool that can help them to complete their assignments in a short time and without any grammatical issues. A static shows that 98% of students get better grades by using Grammarly premium account.

Grammarly Pricing

You don’t need too much money to buy a Grammarly premium account. Suppose you are a professional then the Grammarly premium worth it. Grammarly has three types of plans.

Grammarly Writing Support

  1. Free
  2. Premium
  3. Business
Account TypePrice$/monthPrice$/yearly
Premium$30.00/month$12.00*12=$144/Annual plan
Business$12.50/month$150/ Billed Annually

The Grammarly Premium will cost $30.00 for a monthly subscription. But if you get the plan quarterly, then the price reduces and becomes $20.00/month. And if you take the plan for one year, then the price will be $12.00/month. You have to pay $144.00 for one year. And for the Grammarly Business account, you need to pay $12.50/month, but you have to pay for an annual fee which costs $150.

Whatever the pricing is. Grammarly worth the price. The hard work they are doing for making our contents error-free they must deserve the cost.


There is no doubt that Grammarly has become an essential tool for professional writers and students. Even this content is checked by Grammarly premium. I can’t think to publish my content without Grammarly premium. At first, I was used to using the Grammarly free account. Still, when I tried my first premium version, I fall in love with the Grammarly premium version because I got the taste by using it to make my content 100% error-free which helps me to attract my readers.

The #1 Writing Tool

I hope this discussion helps you to understand the features and benefits of using a Grammarly premium account. If you like to buy the Grammarly premium account, please use any link that is attached to this content. And If you like the content, please share it with your friends and family.

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