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Best Antivirus Software In 2020

Do you feel that someone is keeping tabs on your laptop? Then you are talking about spyware. Yes, you seriously doubt that based on the keystrokes, someone can determine the passwords. There are various types of spyware to keep an eye on your activities and believe us, it is pretty creepy. So, what is the best way to prevent information from leaking out from your laptop or computer? You have the answer ready. It is anti-spyware. In this article, let us focus on the best antivirus software in 2020

 Now let us also look into types of spyware

A. Keyloggers

As the name suggests, this program keeps the data of all the keystrokes you make and also stores other data right from the personal messages, password combinations, and username. So, a crook has installed the keylogger in your laptop or computer to gain information.

B. Trojan

 As you know, the name was given from the pages of history, that is, Trojan horse. You know the stuff. Similarly, the Trojan malware also copies the same method. Do not forget it can come disguised as a useful program, but it will also possess malicious code.

C. Adware

 Sometimes, you are exposed to too much adware during the browsing process. This is also called spyware, by which the online advertisers use many methods to take a note of browsing habits.

D. Webcam Spyware

 If you want to make a video call, the webcam on the computer or laptop should be switched on. But there is some malware, which can do the same work without switching on the light. This is also a type of spyware. 

There is other spyware such as the Internet of Spies but let us focus on the best antivirus software in the market today.

Symptoms of Spyware in your Computer

  • You will feel that rerouting takes place. You usually go to unwanted websites.
  • You can also feel an increase in advertisements.
  • The performance of your laptop gets reduced.
  • Money can get transferred to other accounts.
  • Your Facebook account might get hacked.

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Best AntiSpywareIn The Market Today

There are too many anti-spyware in the market today, but are they worth the price? It is one factor that you have to check before making a purchase. In this article, the content for the best antivirus software has been written in an unbiased way. We have also checked the reviews and then written this article.

1. Bitdefender

As per the market experts in computer security, Bitdefender is considered one of the best antivirus software. When compared to other products, it always gives the best results. The Bitdefender anti-spyware program is more than just a spyware tool. Some features are VPN service, firewall, and password manager.

The antispyware version is compatible with every platform, so you do not have to worry about the type of devices. Besides, the software also has anti-theft features.

When it comes to the paid versions, you have the Antivirus plus, Total Security, Antivirus for Mac, and even a Family Pack.

2. Kaspersky

One of the most preferred anti-spyware viruses, it has strong protection features against spyware, ransomware and other types of malware. When it comes to protection against malware features, this spyware holds top positions among the many products in the market. And with one purchase, you can get the model and version for three devices.

If there is a disadvantage, then the performance of the laptop or computer gets slowed down. When it comes to features, you have the firewall, password manager, virtual keyboard and the most important of all, anti-phishing tools.

In many antivirus and antispyware tools, you will have to close the adware. But in Kaspersky, you do not have to face such problems. There are three versions of Kaspersky. They are –

  • Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Total Security

 3. Avast

The name is a brand to reckon with in the field of antivirus providers. The interesting fact is that the software offers the best protection and gives the best results even in the testing process. One benefit of using Avast is that the program offers an extension for browsers. So, the internet activity gets monitored, you get information on harmful websites. In the premier version, you get protection against various kinds of spyware.

4. ScanGuard

Have you heard about this anti-spyware or antivirus? No, right? It is a new entry to the market. So, not all the lab tests are done on this spyware. But as per the reports from customers, the product is good.

ScanGuard provides the best prevention features against ransomware, spyware, and viruses. There are several features such as firewall, protection software and optimization tools.

5. TotalAv

 Although not a new player in the market, Total Av has still be checked with many tests. The major advantage, doing the scanning does not slow down the computer or laptop. Additional features – In the paid versions, you have a firewall and other optimization tools which can boost the performance. The software is compatible with every OS ranging from Windows to Mac and Android devices. Some packages are Ultimate Antivirus, Essential Antivirus, and Antivirus Pro.

6. AVG

With this software, you can get the best protection against spyware as well as other malware. This antispyware has a tool that checks your visiting of websites. You can also get the browser extension that can keep you from harmful sites. But from the testing labs, the percentage this antispyware received is just 95 percent.

The best feature available in AVG is the scan options. You can find both deep and quick scans. Do you have folders on external devices, that needs scanning? Then this is the right antispyware.


This antispyware has shown decent protection against lab tests. You can get the best prevention firewall against spyware, ransomware and other malware. Just check for the refund policy.

In the paid versions, you have the Antivirus Plus, Standard, Deluxe, and Antivirus with LifeLock Select.

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8. McAfee

One of the topmost brands with the best protection features against spyware. Some features, it has, are monitoring the internet connection and checking the activity on the web. There is however one disadvantage, the laptop or computer gets slowed down during the scan process. So plan accordingly and you have the best antivirus software version in the market.

9. Avira

This software checks the files and attachments in emails. You stand to benefit as the scan will start only when you open the email. Besides, you also have browser extensions to keep you away from harmful websites. The updates are done every day. So, you can feel safe and secure. The additional features are a shopping advisor and password manager. Some model versions are Antivirus Pro, Prime and Internet Security Suite.


Please note that the anti-spyware mentioned above will not only give protection against spyware but also other malware. But yes, there are times you will get doubt if the spyware has indeed been removed. In this situation, you can seek the assistance of computer security experts. 

Parker is the Founder of HoTrendz.com. He is a Professional Digital Marketer and blogger since 2010.


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